Frequently Asked Questions

Can we just register at the Grotto on the 13 th or 14th?
Yes, but no food will be provided.

Is there food available at the site or in Rama?
Only 1 meal is provided on Saturday supper but payment must be received before June 15. No other food is available, except for small items at the local service station. Water is plentiful and available at the hall near the Grotto.

What amenities are available?
There are outdoor toilets close to the Grotto as well as a flush toilet in the hall where the supper will be. No showers!

Where can we park our tents / camper?
Tents and camper spaces will be directed on a first come / first served basis. Some spaces are near the Grotto on the grass while other spaces are behind the Senior’s hall which is a very short distance away.

Can we bring a generator?
Yes, but campers will need to respect nearby campers and be sure generators are quiet or used during the hours of 8:00am to 10:00pm.

Can we have fires?
The town of Rama reserves the right to disallow open fires if needed.

Where is the closest location to dump station at the end of the weekend?
Fishing Lake or Good Spirit Lake both about half hour away.

How early can we arrive on Friday?
Not before 1:00pm unless previously arranged.