True Love is FREE

It is a freely given gift. We are called to live this love in and through our bodies when we desire to be a gift to our beloved. With freely given love, there is no pressure, no manipulation, no grasping, no underlying motive to “get something” from the other person. True love desires to give, to lay down one’s life, rather than to take. Counterfeits: Rape, any pressure/manipulation to engage in sexual activity. NO ONE was ever, ever, ever meant to be used for anyone’s selfish gratification!

True love is FAITHFUL

It is a love that lasts forever until death and beyond! Faithful love remains unconditional in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health . . . until death. We can physically express these marriage vows in the sexual union of husband and wife. Counterfeits: Having an affair, living together before marriage, any sex outside of marriage. None of these involve permanence of marriage, trust, faithfulness, or covenant.

True love is TOTAL

Love involves a total gift of self. It includes our fertility which is a HUGE part of who we are! That is what makes us a man or woman! With a total gift of self, nothing is held back or omitted. We receive and accept the total gift of our beloved as well. Counterfeits: All forms of contraception. WHY?!!!!! They speak: “I will have sex with you. . . . but not all of you.” All forms of contraception violate total giving in love.

True love is FRUITFUL

Authentic human love is not sterile or stagnant. With fruitful love, the incredible power of fertility is appreciated and seen as a gift from God.  Fruitful love is open to the possibility of new life. It is not afraid of the moment of conception. Counterfeits: all forms of contraception, as well as surgeries that sterilize our fertility. Vasectomies and tubal ligations violate the dignity of our own bodies, deny the possibility of new life, and prohibit the creative power of God to be present in that union.

Excerpts from Patty Schneier "True Love ...How will I know?"