Contraception and the Catholic Church: {Part 3} Babies, Bonding, and How Women Work

By Jenny Uebbing We’ve spent the past couple days talking about the historical background of contraception and the Church’s response to the increasing availability of new technologies and the moral nuances surrounding its use, so I thought it would be good to back up today and take kind of a 20,000 ft. view of sex itself, asking the obvious question, what’s the point? In other words, what is sex for, and, when engaged it, what are the natural outcomes? So, let us begin. First I want to ask the obvious question: What are the natural consequences of sex? The Church says – in a nod to natural law – the the consequences are both procreative and unitive. In other words: babies and bonding. We’ll focus today on the first “B”, if you will: babies. Not every sexual act is capable of producing new life, as we discussed yesterday, and not every couple enjoys healthy fertility. And then there are those 40+ years of life after cycles, which renders the...[more]

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Contraception and the Catholic Church: {Part 2} What's Wrong with Contraception?

By Jenny Uebbing -  Yesterday we began with a little overview of the historical background on the practice of contraception and how for 1,900+ years, Christianity uniformly condemned the practice. Today we’re going to delve into the why behind it: why when the rest of the world has heralded the Pill as a technological innovation on par with electricity and the internal combustion engine (seriously, read some of the UN’s documents on women’s rights) Rome has stubbornly refused to capitulate on the matter. And it’s not because the Church is anti woman. It is, in fact, because She holds women in such high regard and is so intimately concerned with the dignity of women – and men – that She continues to firmly, gently, uncompromisingly say “no.” It’s the same reason I say no to my kids when they bolt in parking lots and run blindly into the street after a stray soccer ball. It’s the same motivation that compels me to store poison up high and restrict...[more]

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Contraception and the Catholic Church: {Part 1} The Historical Precedent

By Jenny Uebbing As promised, this week I’m focusing on the Church’s teaching on contraception: the whys, whens, and hows of it, and (hopefully!) providing a good framework for discussion between couples, curious (or hostile) family members, and the occasional stranger with raised eyebrows in the checkout line. Today’s topic? Some of the historical background on the practice of contraception, and what the Catholic Church’s response has been as the world around her has embraced the practice with open arms. Throughout the history of Christianity the practice of contraception was uniformly condemned by every single denomination until the early 1920’s. Even Even Freud and Ghandi, no staunch advocates of Christianity, opposed the practice, identified it as a sexual disorder and a symptom of a deeper societal illness. Check these out: “The abandonment of the reproductive function is the common feature of all perversions. We actually describe a sexual activity as perverse if it...[more]

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The Body reveals the soul: Christian Theology and Human Identity

By Fr. Jeffrey Stephaniuk A conference entitled “Into the Heart” was held at St. Therese Institute in Bruno, Saskatchewan in early May, 2015. When even a little attention is given to some of the themes of Pope St. John Paul II’s Theology of the Body, it is easy to start seeing these ideas everywhere in scripture and prayer. It is commonly heard that we can intellectualize much about religion, stay in our head, as it were, without saying anything from the heart, trying so hard to say something smart that we neglect what is more important: to say something from the heart.  “Go within with him” “Because of your hardness of heart” is one of the foundational phrases behind the Theology of the Body, together with “but in the beginning it was not so.” In other words, we have been made for a dignity that we have nearly all but forgotten. Coming to the conference, then, part of the Institute’s Springtime of Faith series, was like starting the week in winter, frozen over, and over the...[more]


Violent Population Control continues in China

You are here By Anne Morse Contrary to recent reports, China’s population control policy still systematically enforces a policy of coerced abortion, sterilization, and child abandonment. The propaganda, coercion, and violence used by the Chinese Family Planning police continues to violate the rights of Chinese women, men, and their unborn children. In November 2013, the Chinese government changed the regulations to the policy: couples in which both persons are only children are eligible to apply for a second-birth permit. Media coverage and a non-profit, All Girls Allowed, have lauded this move as a victory. Media reports have even gone so far as to claim that the lower than expected number of couples applying to give birth reflects a tacit approval of the government’s population control policy. Steven Mosher, the president of the Population Research Institute, rebuts these claims, saying “Every child born is a gift that deserves celebration, but we cannot ignore...[more]

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Making the Switch from Contraception to Natural Family Planning

By Patty Schneier Discovering the Truth about contraception can be one of the most defining moments in a couple’s marriage. But quite often, the joy of this discovery is accompanied by fears, doubts, and many questions. My husband Larry and I experienced all of the above in January, 2002 when, after 13 years of marriage, we finally decided to live our lives according to God’s plan for love and life. We literally threw out the contraception. This was the best decision we ever made, and we have never looked back. It was THE defining moment in our marriage. Today, we continue to joyfully celebrate our conversion. We celebrate the beginning of a whole new way of life together and a whole new way of loving each other. But we also vividly remember how difficult it was to be in the middle of this conversion process. Our transformation wasn’t so “joyful” when we were actually going through it. To be honest, we were a mess. We stayed up night after night until the wee hours of...[more]

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What does the Bible say about Contraception?

What does the Bible say about contraception? The Second Vatican Councils statement on Divine Revelation teaches us that interpretation of the Sacred Scriptures must devote attention to “the content and unity of the whole of scripture, taking into account the tradition of the entire Church”1 Much more than a moral manual or a doctrinal concordance, the Bible is an inspired expression of the faith and life of the Church. In contrast to the legalism of the Pharisees, the revelation of Christ was/is comprehensive, describing the positive fulfillment of the demands of love. Our application of this revelation to the specific moral questions of our age, in this case contraception, involves submitting our actions to the standard of life-giving love established by God, both in his fathering of the chosen people of old, and in his redemption of the New Israel. The morality of contraception must be viewed in this light, that is, in the light of Gods ineffable love for human life...[more]

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