Jason Evert speaks in Saskatchewan at events organized by One More Soul Canada

By Kiply Lukan Yaworski SASKATOON – Jason Evert of the Chastity Project spoke with passion, energy and humour about sex, the virtue of chastity and a range of related issues to thousands of youth and adults in Saskatchewan Feb. 24-26 at a series of events organized by One More Soul Canada. Based in Denver, Colorado, Evert and his wife Crystalina operate the Chastity Project ministry, which offers seminars, distributes free or low-cost resources, and uses social media platforms to “promote the virtue of chastity so that individuals can see God, and be free to love (Matthew 5:8).” Some 4,000 youth and adults in Regina and Saskatoon heard Evert’s message, reported Mary Riendeau and Marcy Millette of One More Soul. “Jason’s topic of chastity as a virtue was relevant to all over the age of 12 years. The importance of modesty and abstinence for happy marriages and lower divorce rates underscored his presentations,” said Riendeau. Evert spoke at Resurrection parish in...[more]

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US bishops issue new document decrying ‘gender ideology’

By Lisa Bourne WASHINGTON, D.C., December 11, 2015 (LifeSiteNews) – The U.S. Catholic bishops (USCCB) have issued a teaching document to counter the rising tide of gender ideology. Geared for Catholic educators, ministers and parents, "Gender Ideology: Select Teaching Resources" draws on teaching from the current and previous two pontificates, the Church's catechism, and documents from the Vatican and the USCCB. Released through the bishops' "Marriage – Unique for a Reason" initiative, the prelates call their gender ideology document a simple resource to address gender ideology (or gender theory). In its introduction, they forthrightly identify gender ideology as "a position on anthropology (who a human being is) that is in conflict with the Christian one." The seven-page document cites six passages from Pope Francis, each clearly criticizing gender ideology. They quote the pope from his meeting with families in Manila in January of this...[more]


Women are the guardians of life and men the guardians of the guardians

Women of Hope Conference:  Humbodlt, Saskatchewan October 3, 2015 Sponsored by One More Soul Canada (www.omsoul.ca)(For pictures, please see post on this blog "Women of Hope Conference" posted October 10, 2015) At a recent clergy-staff study days for the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church in Saskatchewan, a dozen or so of us men were at the altar performing our priestly duties. One of our female staff members, from the Family and Life Office, was praying with us, in one of the pews in the nave of the church. When I noticed her, we were singing a hymn to “The God-bearing One”, Mary the Mother of God. Here we were, men at prayer. I imagined Deborah's impressions of what she saw: “These men know how to treat a lady,” she might have been thinking. The poetry and the melody of that particular hymn really are quite a cultural achievement, too. “The reverence they show to Mary will teach them how to relate to us!” she might have added. I certainly hope so. Men doing what men...[more]


Medicating Womanhood

by Andrea Mrozek Across North America today, there are calls to make the birth control pill accessible over the counter. The Pill, we are told, is part of comprehensive health care and it is an insult that women should need a doctor’s prescription to use it. Recently, a columnist at the National Post complained that it is easier to get the Pill in Abu Dhabi than in Calgary or Toronto. Most calls for the Pill to be made more broadly accessible—ideally free and without a prescription—all share the same subtext. Denying access to the Pill isn’t merely denying health care, it’s denying women’s rights. Yet this is not about the right to get the Pill but rather, the right to not get pregnant. This stems from the modern idea that men and women are only equal in dignity when we are exactly the same. As a result, we think that if men can have sex without the responsibility of childbearing, then women should too. This is why some feel so strongly that it is wrong for women to not...[more]

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Contraception and the Catholic Church: {Part 5} Contraception vs. NFP: Common Objections and FAQs

by Jenny Uebbing Limping across the finish line to finish up this week-long love fest for the Church’s teachings on sex and babies. Let’s take a couple bites out of the elephant in the room today: the idea of NFP as “Catholic birth control,” and why we continue to simultaneously tout the 98% effective statistic while ably captaining our small herds of humanity. Here’s the thing that gets a lot of people confused, Catholic and non alike. NFP, at first glance, looks a whole lot like primitive, “natural” (aka less effective) birth control that the Church reluctantly throws out as a bone of concession to ensure we don’t all end up with a veritable baker’s dozen of children and driving a cargo van. Except that I personally know like, at least 20 families who fit that exact description. So what gives? If NFP is so wonderful and effective, why are lots of us who sing its praises sized out of the entire efficiency auto market? First off, NFP does not equal contraception. It...[more]

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Contraception and the Catholic Church: {Part 4} Hard Cases and an Invitation to Love

by Jenny Uebbing  We’ve talked historical context, the problematic nature inherent to contraception, and how human fertility actually works. Let’s spend some time today talking about why sex is so good, and why the Church has so much to say about it. Sex is good, but just like too much of any good thing, it’s best enjoyed outside of the all-you-can-eat Golden Corral mentality And contraception, far from being the thing that frees us from the natural consequences, the burdens, if you will, associated with sex, well, contraception is actually the enemy of love. Contraception kills love, it deadens the conscience to the promptings of the Holy Spirit, and it drives a wedge between the two people who are using it, ironically, to do the thing which should be most capable of bringing two human beings together. And the Church is not in the business of destroying love. She’s pro life, in the fullest sense of the phrase, and She has our best interests at...[more]

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