How can I support One More Soul?

10 ways you can take action:

1. Please pray for us. We and our Apostolate need spiritual nourishment. Make us a daily intention during your prayer time.

2. Support us financially. We work hard at keeping overhead low so that any income we receive can be used right away to further our message. We love to be able to freely give resources to priests and seminarians so that they can in turn share the good news.

3. Connect with us on Facebook for helpful articles, shareable memes, and discussion with fellow countrymen. Subscribe to our email list. You won't be bombarded. It helps to keep educating ourselves as new studies and insights are published, so that we can be prepared to share in our own spheres at the right opportunity. You never know whose life could be changed for the better!
Connect with us on FacebookSubscribe to our email list
4. Offer our chastity resources to your parish's youth ministry/school. For children, the beautiful books "The Princess and the Kiss" or "The Squire and the Scroll" by Jennie Bishop are sure to inspire.

5. Get involved in teaching the Marriage Preparation Course. We have great materials to start them on the right track. Know who the Natural Family Planning teachers are in your community and recommend them. 

6. Start a book study group or host a video night from our selection.

7. As a parishioner or church member, fund some pamphlets for the rack in the back of church to promote openness to life. If you can't fund them alone, get help from a service group in your church.

8. Give your pastor a gift: "Contraception: Why not?" By Dr. Janet Smith or "Reaching the Cafeteria Catholic" by Patty Schneier.

9. Pick a young mother to befriend and support. Offer to babysit to give her some "time out". Or organize a mother's enrichment group at your parish or church. 

10. Welcome the Children! Make room for one more Soul!