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Jason Evert speaks in Saskatchewan at events organized by One More Soul Canada

Jason Evert of the Chastity Project spoke with passion, energy and humour about sex, the virtue of chastity and a range of related issues to thousands of youth and adults in Saskatchewan Feb. 24-26 at a series of events organized by One More Soul Canada. Based in Denver, Colorado, Evert and his wife Crystalina...  (Read more)

US Bishops issue new document decrying 'gender ideology'

WASHINGTON, D.C., December 11, 2015 (LifeSiteNews) – Geared for Catholic educators, ministers and parents, "Gender Ideology: Select Teaching Resources" draws on teaching from the current and previous two pontificates, the Church's catechism, and documents from the Vatican and the USCCB. (Read more)

"Women are the guardians of life and men the guardians of the guardians"

By Jeffrey - Women of Hope Conference:  Humbodlt, Saskatchewan October 3, 2015. Sponsored by One More Soul Canada (www.omsoul.ca).
(For pictures, please see post on this blog "Women of Hope Conference" posted October 10, 2015)  (Read more)

Medicating Womanhood

By Andrea Mrozek - Across North America today, there are calls to make the birth control pill accessible over the counter. The Pill, we are told, is part of comprehensive health care and it is an insult that women should need a doctor’s prescription to use it. Recently, a columnist at the National Post complained that it is easier to get the Pill in Abu Dhabi than in Calgary or Toronto. (Read more)

Contraception and the Catholic Church: {Part 3} Babies, Bonding, and How Women Work

By Jenny Uebbing - We’ve spent the past couple days talking about the historical background of contraception and the Church’s response to the increasing availability of new technologies and the moral nuances surrounding its use, so I thought it would be good to back up today and take kind of a 20,000 ft. view of sex itself, asking the obvious question, what’s the point? In other words, what is sex for, and, when engaged it, what are the natural outcomes? (Read more)

Contraception and the Catholic Church: {Part 2} What's Wrong with Contraception?

By Jenny Uebbing - Yesterday we began with a little overview of the historical background on the practice of contraception and how for 1,900+ years, Christianity uniformly condemned the practice. Today we’re going to delve into the why behind it: why when the rest of the world has heralded the Pill as a technological innovation on par with electricity and the internal combustion engine (seriously, read some of the UN’s documents on women’s rights) Rome has stubbornly refused to capitulate on the matter. (Read more)

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